Editorial Writing
As a freelance writer based in Dallas, I write articles covering fashion, beauty, home, garden, fitness, health, travel and more.

Production/Art Direction
Sometimes you just need someone to handle it all. Whether you have a fashion, lifestyle, food, home, catalog or other type of project that needs producing, I’m confident I can assemble a team or work with one you have in place to achieve your goals. I have a knack for leading creative people and have thrived in a deadline driven environment for over ten years, delivering above and beyond the set expectations again and again. As editor in chief of Living Magazine, I set the editorial calendar, manage a team of designers, client service managers, freelance writers and photographers, and am in the trenches with the team as we layout, proof and send our 22 editions to press each month. Production is now second nature.

Creative Marketing Strategy 
I understand the importance of, know how to, and am motivated by increasing company revenue. Even though I’m creative in nature I also speak in numbers, charts and graphs, and deliver ideas that positively affect the bottom line. I believe the best results happen in a collaborative environment where people have the freedom to do what they are best at, but also have a leader with a clear vision who keeps everyone on task and focused on the proverbial prize.

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