Perfect Perfumes

While some women have a signature scent, we often tailor our perfume to a mood or occasion. But, when choosing something as personal as a fragrance from a seemingly infinite number of options, it helps to have the best of the new options curated by “personality”. That was the goal of this pretty perfume story I put together. So whether you’re feeling sultry, nostalgic, optimistic, coy or glamorous, you’re sure to love one of these options.













Written, styled, designed and produced by Abby Hoeffner • Photographed by David Thompson

Originally published in Living Magazine.



2 responses to “Perfect Perfumes

    • Thanks! I used old fashioned elbow grease. I purchased scrapbooking papers that went with each theme, set up the perfume bottles on the paper how I wanted (planning for text), and my photographer captured the image.

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