Treasure Trove

A well-stocked jewelry box holds the key to transformation. Whether you layer on compatible jewels or chose one bold statement piece, having just the right bauble at your fingertips makes accessorizing effortless. For this fashion shoot, stylist Jeanette Chivvis searched high and low to uncover hidden treasures that take any wardrobe from so-so to so fabulous.

Dixie Dixon photographed our model, Kiersten (represented by The Kim Dawson Agency), in her Dallas studio. Rocio Veilma (also with The Kim Dawson Agency), who I’ve worked with for going on five years now, knocked the hair and makeup out of the park with sleek coifs and bold color. The shoot only took a few hours. All that was left for me to do was write about each look.

Novemer Cover

November Fashion

Rich & Regal

The gilded antique lace and old-world medallions of these layered necklaces lend a stately bourgeois quality to a simple plum dress. Long statement necklace, $640; acorn leaf gold earrings: Gay Isber, 512-949-9322. Gold collar necklace, $348: Jeannie Vianney, 

November Fashion2

Wild Thing
Natural elements unite resulting in a fierce, earthy roar of a style. Ivory leaf earrings; big antler gold necklace, $440; tiger-eye rock ring: Gay Isber, 512-949-9322. Triangle necklace, $80; Rosy cheek necklace, $60; leather necklace, $55: Shoptiques,  

Pop Rocks
Big, bold and fabulous—chunky necklaces and rings are no longer relegated to long, lost memories of the 1980s. Just go easy on that blue eye shadow, will ya? True colors necklace, $850: Charmaine Marshall, Tangerine cori ring, $32: To the 9’s,

November Fashion4

Way Haute
Delicate diamonds dazzle in intricate settings of sterling sliver and yellow gold. All jewelry, sterling silver and 18K yellow gold with diamonds accents: Delton Hayes Jewelers, 281-812-6708. 

November Fashion3

Crystal Couture
Reminiscent of findings in enchanted caves, the raw quality of this necklace adds a magical element to any outfit. Necklace, $595: Allie Coosh,

Point Made
Edgy, larger-than-life details push the boundaries of what’s expected. Shark tooth statement necklace, $650; raccoon pearl bone and crystal earrings: Gay Isber, 512-949-9322. Silver ring, $229, silver bracelet, $269: To the 9’s,

Originally published in the November 2012 issue of Living Magazine.


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