The Weekender

The concept behind this shoot was to tell a story of a man who has a full weekend ahead, free of the drudgery of eight to five commitments… and enjoys it all dressed in good-looking comfortable, casual menswear. We borrowed the car (a 70s VW Thing) from a friend’s friend and model Youri, who also races cars in his free time, drove the four-speed like a pro. I will say that coaxing a puppy to look “just so” for the camera is difficult… even more difficult that getting children to relax around the camera. Just when photographer Jeremy Shelby would be close to getting the shot, the puppy would try to hop out of the car! So, after many frames and much laughter we were all pleased when we saw the image that ended up being the opening shot of the fashion spread. Grooming on this shoot was done by Cheryll Smith. And I pulled together the styling, art direction and story text.

The WeekenderMaking the Escape
Fleeing the hectic workweek is best done covertly. A buttoned-up plaid shirt and sport coat of the lightest weight contradict your plans of bolting out the door an hour early and dashing for weekend freedom with utmost haste.

The Weekender2Waiting on a Woman
Sometimes, in spite of your girl’s best intentions, you have to wait on her. But you make killing time (while she lingers in yet another shop) look downright intentional, wearing comfortable, yet put together attire, and sipping on ice cold, homemade lemonade.

The Weekender3Man’s Best Friend
While the four-legged canis lupus familiaris has long held the title for man’s best friend, we’d like to suggest that the simple V-neck tee and linen pants are its style equivalent.

Catch of the Day
Clothes that go from lake to casual dinner make weekend living just that much better! And while you might not haul in a must-see whopper of a catfish every time you launch your pontoon, you will be looking dapper no matter what the evening holds.


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